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Amanda’s transformation over the last five years can only be described as night and day. When I first met her, she was standing in the middle of a life she no longer recognized or wanted, but also on the precipice of a five-year journey that would rip her open and transform her life from the inside out.
This book you are holding is the result of that uneven journey. The Chameleon Diaries is Amanda’s invitation to you to break the chains of shame and unworthiness, share your hidden parts and false starts, and to foster healing. It gives language and context to the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions we don’t understand and never want to expose. This book is a gift to you from a woman strong and brave enough to offer it. Amanda’s words are that of a coach, mentor, sister, and best friend willing to share with you the things we desperately try to hide, in order to help you open up a world where healing is possible for everyone.

— Kerri KrellCEO Soul Solutions Inc., Master Certified Integrative Coach, Master Leadership Coach, Tony Robbins Business Coach

As the author of “The Chameleon Diaries” Amanda showcases not only her literary prowess but also a keen ability to convey stories, teachings, and life lessons that resonate profoundly with readers of all generations. Her memoir is a testament to her capacity for crafting compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.
In my experience collaborating with Amanda, I have been consistently impressed by her professionalism and commitment to excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda Greaves for her outstanding contributions and dedication, making her an ideal choice for those seeking a professional with a genuine passion for delivering meaningful and impactful content.

— Larissa SalazarBrand Strategist at Brand Builder Group

Recognize Your Patterns, Overlapping Habits, and Triggers that have been preventing you from moving forward.

  • Understand your Driving Force…

  • Raise your Standards…

  • Connect with your Soul…

  • Achieving more fulfillment and joy…

  • Experiencing deeper connection..

  • Embracing your best self towards your most amazing life…

A couple of years ago I had an ache inside that just wouldn’t quit – leading me down paths that were misaligned with my truest self, and left me feeling as if I was constantly racing towards other people’s expectations. I was pushing so hard that I missed the signs and signals that told me to turn left when I veered right and ended up driving toward repeated unhealthy patterns and relationships. I woke up one day and barely recognized myself – which is when I started searching for my ‘why’ and started questioning so much of what I was doing.

While I was writing The Chameleon Diaries – I could see and feel that I wasn’t alone in my quest for a more meaningful and intentional life – and realized that although I was writing for myself as a cathartic healing process, the stories and the lessons exposing themselves through the black, white and gray of words of pages were so very valuable – that I felt this deep urge to share what I have learned with you, so you can also find a path to getting unstuck, out of toxic relationships, and learn how to do the work to be your most outstanding self. And that is what led me to develop this process and write this book.

I started searching for more Joy. More Fulfillment. More Love. And when I started to dig in, do the work, and pay attention to who I was, and what I was doing – I learned how to peel back layers and layers of limiting beliefs and old emotions that no longer served me, and finally realized that any parts of my life were worth changing for – if I didn’t want to repeat the same habits over and over again.

By sharing my stories and teaching you about the tools I’ve begun to master, I hope to give you the guidance and support that I wished I had many moons ago – in the hopes you can get un-stuck a little faster, and reach your dreams a lot sooner than I did.