The Chameleon DiariesBOOK BUNDLE

When I first started writing The Chameleon Diaries: Designing A Life Worth Changing For – I had no idea the magical journey the book writing process was about to take me on.

After running my own interior design firm for over 13 years, and then realizing that along the way I had lost my passion, lost my identity amongst so many other people’s dreams, and lost my reason why I was doing any of it in the first place – I had career burn-out and was ready for a shift. Not to mention I had gone through an emotionally abusive relationship with a covert narcissist for almost three years that nearly ruined my career, and my sense of self-worth – that I got so turned around – I woke up one day and barely recognized myself.

So, with a lot of coaching, a ton of therapy, and a serious determination to beat my niggling depression and regain my sense of dignity and self-respect I turned myself around and decided it was time to make some changes, and those changes resulted in pouring my heart and soul into writing the stories of my life.

My goal with the book revealed itself while I was writing:

“If I can connect with at least one other person, and tell them about the lessons I’ve learned the hard way, guide them in how to use the tools I’ve mastered, and instill a belief in them that they aren’t stuck, and there is an opportunity to change and live a fulfilling life – so they can break their own unhealthy patterns and habits – then all of this is worth it.”

So – if any of this resonates with you – I openly invite you to order The Chameleon Diaries. It will make a positive difference in your life!